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To create a new provider for a module you have to:
  • Create a new Class Library project or add the code to your own module
  • Create a class and inherit from Disgrafic.Modules.Sitemap.SitemapProvider
  • Implement the GetUrls function and return a List(Of Modules.Sitemap.SitemapUrl)
	Public Overrides Function GetUrls(ByVal portalId As Integer, ByVal ps As DotNetNuke.Entities.Portals.PortalSettings, ByVal version As String) As System.Collections.Generic.List(Of Modules.Sitemap.SitemapUrl)
		Dim urls As New List(Of SitemapUrl)
		Return urls
	End Function
  • Register the provider in the web.config as explained in Setup. You will have to provide the Fully-Qualified Class Name of your provider class.

Take a look at the implementation of the DNNBlog provider for a sample Sitemap Provider implementation.

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