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Google Sitemap Provider for DotNetNuke

Google Sitemap provider for DotNetNuke. Allows all DotNetNuke modules to participate into the Google sitemap generation for your site. Get more control on your SEO efforts!

Improving SEO capabilities for DotNetNuke Portals

DotNetNuke portals provide an easy way to automatically produce sitemaps for your portals. Since version 5 you have more control on the generated sitemap, but there is still a missing feature: the option to plug you module unique urls into the portal sitemap. This module defines a new sitemap provider (using the provider pattern) for DotNetNuke so all modules can participate into the portal sitemap generation.

Three providers are included in the project:
  • CoreSitemapProvider: This provider will replace current Core implementation and enhance how DotNetNuke usual pages are incorporated into the Sitemap.
  • DNNBlogSitemapProvider: This provider adds all the DNNBlog module unique urls to the portal sitemap
  • BigSitemapProvider: This is a sample implementation of a module that create a lot of urls ( 60.000 ) so we can test the caching and sitemapindex features of the module ( remove this provider from your production site, this is only for testing).

DotNetNuke 5.3 preview

This feature will be included in DotNetNuke 5.3 base package, so you can start planning for your modules if you want to support this feature. The final implementation can still change a bit but it will be very similar to the one showed here.

This module was presented at OpenForce 2009 Europe and that's why the code is now public, long before the final version gets included in the official DotNetNuke package.

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